The Best Dog Breeds for Families and Children

Children can learn a lot from dogs. These intelligent creatures can teach little kids compassion, cooperation, and responsibility. They make excellent playmates as well. But before adopting a pet dog, it’s best recommended to do some research on the best breed that would suit your lifestyle and your kids.

Some canines do well as playmates for very energetic older children. Others are the kinder, more patient kinds more suitable for little kids. Consider choosing an older canine if you have young children in the household. If you plan to adopt a sweet and loving breed, here are some of the best ones.

Alaskan Malamute

This breed lives mainly for their pack, whether canine or human, as their ancestors have done. This is one good reason why they’re used in packs as sled dogs.

Since they Alaskan Malamutes were mainly bred for work, they are very powerful dogs who need a strong owner to set an exercise and training routine that’s consistent. This is a loyal breed with an amiable face and a plumed, wagging tail.

Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever

For decades, the Labrador Retriever has remained the most popular breed in the world and for good reason. Labradors love everybody in general, kids, adults, and other pets too.

Their sweet disposition makes them immediate friends with anyone they meet. Although this is a gentle breed, it possesses high levels of energy. They need serious exercise each day and can grow up to eighty pounds.

A related species and another all-time favorite is the Golden Retriever. These dogs are intelligent and fast learners. They also require a lot of exercise like swimming, fetching, running, and playing. What they give in return is a priceless and joyful companionship peppered with a lot of silliness too.

Bulldog or French Bulldog

Although this breed prefers a more laidback lifestyle, the bulldog is more than that. These are very dignified dogs who love long snoozes and regular walks.  Their adorable wrinkled faces might make you decide in their favor, but you must know how to care for them too. Their short snouts make these dogs vulnerable to overheating, especially in warm climates.

With bulldogs, there’s no need for big open spaces making them ideal for city dwellers and people with no spacious backyards. Moreover, they’re low-maintenance and quiet pets. Bulldogs have trademark “bat ears” and a smaller statute which physically distinguishes them from the larger bulldog relatives. The French Bulldog has an alert and playful attitude coupled with an easy-going nature.


If you have seen the movie Lassie on television, then you would know what a Collie is. This is one of the smartest dog breeds and is also known for their unparalleled loyalty. They adore children and children adore them too. If you’re worried about grooming issues with the dog’s coat, you have a choice since Collies come in “smooth” and “rough” varieties.


Poodles seem to depict sophistication and as such, people call them the ultimate custom dog. The breed comes in three different sizes – miniature, toy, and standard. They also come in three different colors – black, apricot, and white. Many think that Poodles are “uppity pooches” but underneath their fluffy coat is a very intelligent pup who loves to play.