The Amazon Fire TV Sound Bar, Fire TV Cube And 65-Inch Toshiba TV Are Available for Preorder  

If you’ve been planning to get a new TV, it’s perfect timing because Amazon have announced a new Fire TV and Toshiba’s latest offering is also available for preorder.

And Chinese brand Anker continues to make gains in the speaker market after partnering with Amazon to produce their new soundbar. The best part of it all – each of these items is thankfully easy on the pockets.

Anker Nebula Fire TV

This year, Amazon and Chinese firm Anker teamed up for a beautiful combination of devices to make one beautiful monolithic display. The Amazon Fire TV now comes with a built-in soundbar. Since it comes together with Fire built into it, there’s no need for a media server, e.g. a Fire Stick, is required for it to work properly.

The Nebula Fire also comes together with Anker integrated into its design framework so that you can issue voice commands into the remote. If you were hoping for a hands-free mode like the Sonos Beam, that doesn’t come built into the device. However, you can connect an Echo and attain similar results. It is currently available for preorder and starts at $230. Shipping will begin on Nov. 21.

Fire TV Cube

Returning subscribers might not be able to tell much of a difference between the new Fire TV Cube and older models, but that’s only because they look exactly the same. Despite sporting a similar outer shell, the Cube’s processing speed has been boosted, so all the benefits are under the hood.

Even so, the most hyped feature is Amazon’s new ‘local voice control.’ This essentially allows the device to process a lot of commands locally, rather than sending them to a server and wait for a response. Other features that will come bundled with the new Cube is support for 4K HDR and other 4K standards.

The device is currently available for preorder and will start shopping on Oct. 10. It costs $119 in the US and £109 in the UK.

65-Inch Toshiba Fire TV Edition 

Another interesting addition to the Amazon family of devices is this 65-inch collaboration between Toshiba and the e-commerce giant. It’s very reminiscent of its earlier Dolby Vision TV, already available for sale, but comes only in 55 and 43-inch sizes.

Aside from the obvious fact that it has Fire embedded within it, it’s not expected to feature anything special. With the $230 price tag, it’s also meant to compete in the lower end of the market with the likes of TCL.

Grundig OLED TV with Fire TV Edition

Perhaps the most exciting news over the course of Amazon’s event was the release of the first OLED Fire TV. It’s a 55-inch masterpiece that delivers amazing picture quality but also costs a fortune.

This model begins at £1300 and will only be available in Germany. Another additional feature to make non-Germany users jealous, other than the improved picture quality, is far-field voice control.