Here Are Some of The Most Popular Dog Names

Pet owners love familiar dog names like Lady, Lassie, and Rover. Just the mention of such names indicates a reference to a pet dog.

These days, pet owners have started getting cues from trendy baby names like Cooper, Luna, Hello, and more. Even dog names have changed with the times. Here is a list of the greatest and latest names for your new family member.

Classic names for male dogs

There are some classic names that will remain classics to the very end. Max is a  synonym for “greatest,” the perfect moniker for your canine companion. Many prefer this because it’s straightforward and casual, but also carries some spunk to it.

Cooper is a British surname which has a literal meaning of “barrel maker.” Despite its meaning, it not only implies a dignified sporting dog but is also very cute, especially for energetic dog breeds. Jack is one of the most classic dog names and it evokes an air of loyalty and strength with just enough silliness and boyish charm.

Unusual names for male dogs

Often, owners would rather opt for unusual names for their pets to make their best friend stand out. Rocky sounds like Sylvester Stallone on fours. Like the fighter on film, the name can give the dog a tough guy vibe.

Oliver is a nice name for smaller dog breeds. Many opt for the moniker because it has a cute “old man” ring to it making it ideal when their pets become seniors. Calling your dog “Ollie” as a puppy makes it even cuter.

Bear couldn’t be more appropriate if you have chosen to adopt a dog of a giant breed. Should you have a female the pooch, you may consider naming her Ursula, which in Russian means “little bear.”

Classic names for female dogs

Classic names of female dogs generally end in either “a” or “y”. Bella in Spanish means “beautiful.” With such a name, one could only imagine a puppy with long eyelashes and bows on her hair. Bella is a beautiful name for a beautiful dog, although the name may work as well with a mutt who has a serene and gentle personality.

Lucy is an English name that dates way back in the Middle Ages. It sounds perfect for a sweet dog or for a dog owner who loves the Beatles. Daisy is a symbol of innocence, cheerfulness, and purity. A dog with such a name is an inspiration for her owner.

Unusual names for female dogs

Although unusual, there are names which have become very popular choices. Luna, coming right out of Roman Mythology, she was the goddess of the moon. You can thank celebrities for making this celestial name so popular.

Sadie sounds cute but is there really any appeal to the name? If you choose this one, think of different rhymes you could come up with! Bailey is a name you can use for either a male or female pooch. Meaning “able,” its origin is a combination of English, Old French, and Irish. Using the name brings to mind an image of a docile and sweet pet that loves to cuddle, snooze and sunbathe.