5 Fitness Hacks for Busy People

24-hours a day may sound like a lot, but it’s never enough to fit in school or work, family time, hobbies, and social commitments. All these activities are competing for your time and it can be easy for fitness goals to go to the bottom of your to-do-list.

Staying motivated under pressure can also be difficult. But being busy doesn’t mean that you have to forego your fitness goals.

If you care about your well-being, exercising will be as important as any other commitments in your schedule, and finding a time that works for you won’t be difficult.

With this in mind, these five fitness hacks will help you fit workouts into your daily activity, despite your busy schedule.

Set your alarm early

Being an early riser means that you can easily get the workout off your to-do list. There’ll be no chance of it getting bumped in later in the day when things start getting hectic.

This doesn’t mean that you skip on your sleep since it has its health benefits too. Adjust your sleeping patterns and wake up earlier.

Recording your favorite shows on TV allows you to go to bed earlier and become a morning exerciser.

Turn your commute into a workout

Transforming your commute to work into a fitness session is an ingenious way of working out. Instead of driving to the bus stop or driving to work, you can choose to cycle or run part of the way or the whole way.

It all depends on how far your workplace is. If you’re using the train or subway, you can get off a few stops early. This allows you to walk the rest of the way.

Take the Stairs

This is one of the simplest ways of getting fit without having to ruin your schedule. Unless you’re running late for a meeting or an interview, skip the elevator and take the stairs instead.

This will help you to burn extra calories and build muscle mass. In some ways, taking the stairs can save you time that would otherwise be spent waiting for the elevator door to open.

Work out at work

Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases have been linked to sitting for long periods. Your body won’t burn as many calories if you spend all your time seated. There are several ways that you can incorporate a workout while at work.

Getting a standing desk can ensure that you spend more time on your feet. Making a phone call instead of sending an email will also get you off your desk as you walk around the block, or pace in the office.

Exercising over lunchtime

You can turn your lunch break into a work out by getting off your desk and going to the park. Instead of eating at your desk, you can walk to a nearby park and eat your lunch there.

It’s also possible to have some training gear like dumbbells with you and burn some calories right at your desk.